We Have More Than 40 Years of Educational Experience

Southeast Michigan CPR has the educational experience to provide you with a low stress training environment that creates a confidence to care for others if the need arises.

Our instructors are proven educators who are current and retired medical professionals, fire fighters, retired military and law enforcement professionals. We have the team and the resources to educate you. We are able to offer individal course, Family courses and can cater to Corporations as well. We have the experience to customize a program to fill your need.

We can help you be prepared should the need arise.

All ages can benefit from the confidence that comes from knowing First Aid, CPR and the operation of an AED. If you or your orgaization works with children, we have a course that specializes in CPR for children and infants. Our course list is extensive with some general and specialized courses. Courses can be combined to meet your needs.

Our Most popular programs are...


CPR/AED for Corporations

Corporations in different fields have different needs and different program requirements. Our CPR/AED for corporations gives employees the confidence to help should the need arise and meets most OSHA workplace requirements.

First Aid, CPR and First Aid for Children

New Mothers, Teachers, day care providers, Baby sitters and other people who may spend a lot of time among young people benefit from the confidence to handle first aid and CPR needs for children.

Emergency First Response Instructor

A comprehensive instructor course that allows you to learn how to certify individuals in First Aid Primary and Secondary Care, CPR, AED, and Care for Children. This course also includes information on how to teach the course as well as how to evaluate students in a low stress, confidence to care environment.

DAN Basic Life Support Instructor

For organizations with a tendency towards more aquatic activities, Divers Alert Network (DAN), offers a variety of programs for aquatic rescuers. The DAN Basic Life support course is an adult only First Aid/CPR course with options for supplemental oxygen and AED training.

About Emergency First Response

Be Prepared with Emergency First Response

Emergency First Response is the fastest growing First Aid, CPR, and AED Training organization in the USA. Focused on training the lay rescuer, the Emergency First Response approach to training builds confidence in rescuers of any age and increases their willingness to respond when faced with an Emergency by teaching them the skills they need creating a confidence to care.